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Unique Real Estate Means Unique Challenges

An old schoolhouse, a firehouse, or a bizarre design – some properties are one of a kind. A unique property can be a challenge to sell and requires real estate agents and marketers to think out of the box. The key is to transform the peculiarities of your property into their selling points.

What are we talking about when we refer to “unique properties”? They can be properties that are atypical compared to others in the area, such as a different price range or features, that may be difficult to sell. They can also be converted properties like old schoolhouses, firehouses, churches, or even missile silos. Then there are properties that are artistic or untraditional designs, such as this mushroom house.

The challenges of marketing a unique property

Unique properties tend to sit longer on the market. Interested buyers are more difficult to find, and the potential of some properties isn’t immediately apparent. To sell, unique properties need a savvy agent.

It can be difficult to set a price for a property that doesn’t look like anything else. Without similar properties to compare it to, you may want to get it appraised. You should also explain your price to potential buyers since it might not be readily apparent how the value was determined. Consider construction costs, land value, and compare it to the most similar properties you can find.

It’s also a good idea to check the zoning on the site. Atypical properties are ripe for conversion, whether it’s a commercial or residential property. For example, this firehouse was beautifully converted into a modern residence.

Peculiar properties grab attention, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to interested buyers. Take the “Lion Gate Estate”, a Detroit home that has been painstakingly and bizarrely decorated. The house purchase includes everything inside, which is both a blessing and a curse, as there is hardly room for the buyer’s personal effects alongside the decor. This property requires a particular buyer who can appreciate the Dada-ist decorating for what it is, carpeted ceiling and all.

Old properties may also need a great deal of work before they are suitable for residential or business use. This can be a wonderful opportunity for developers, and the marketing should be aimed in that direction.

Marketing Outside the Box

Conventional marketing strategies don’t necessarily reach interested buyers with unique properties. Real estate agents have to think outside of the box and learn to sell the uncommon features.

A web presence is a must to reach your niche buyers. A website aids the sale of any property, but it’s even more critical for unusual purchases, properties, and lots. Potential buyers may be searching all over for the peculiar property of their dreams. Ensure that your property comes up in relevant searches.

Quality photography is a must for every property but is even more important in the case of atypical floor plans and odd spaces. Cell phone photos are not going to cut it. Make sure you hire a professional photographer, and if the surrounding property is a major feature you should consider getting aerial photos. A virtual tour is a good way to show unusual spaces.

Be sure to show the potential of your property. Most people who buy unusual properties are motivated by an emotional connection, and appealing to that emotion is the key to marketing your property. In your copy, tell the story of the person living in this unique home. The site uses this tool, and really paints a picture for each of their listings.

Unusual properties may appeal to niche audiences as well. Eco-friendly homes appeal to buyers with a certain lifestyle, and there are communities of people dedicated to sustainable living and natural construction. It’s essential to tap into that market, since those are your most likely buyers. On the other hand, the missile silo property will appeal to a completely different audience. As it comes with a bunker that can withstand a nuclear attack, prospective buyers will include survival aficionados.

Unusual properties require marketing that is enthusiastic and creative. Use the suggestions above and familiarize yourself with the people who are searching for your unique property.


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