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The Landscape of Recruiting in 2024

2023 saw a slowdown in hiring across industries with layoffs, workforce reductions and hiring freezes. The tech workforce in particular has been reduced by 10-20%, with a 50% downsizing of tech recruiters. Overall,[...]

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What is The Great Resignation?

You may have heard of the Great Resignation, a term referring to a mass of employees quitting their jobs. But what is actually happening, and what does this trend mean for recruiters?

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2019 Recruitment Trends

More than any other factor, a low unemployment rate—between 3.5 and 5%—defined the recruiting landscape in 2018. The hiring shortage and the increased competition that came with it led to a candidate’s market, posing a[...]

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Wage Growth vs. Bonuses

You might have seen the crop of articles at the beginning of the year about companies delivering big bonuses. Thanks to the recently passed tax cut for businesses, it seemed like companies were passing the breaks down[...]
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How Digital Technologies are Transforming the Interview Process

For many upper-level and highly specialized positions, it’s common for job candidates to apply remotely—from another town, another state, or even another country. Prior to digital technologies, remote recruiting was[...]

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Recruitment Trends for 2018

As we come into the new year, recruitment strategy is more important than ever. A company’s brand is cultivated in the social field through a network of influencers, social media, promotional endeavors, and HR. A recent[...]

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