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What makes a Good Onboarding Process?

First impressions are crucial, and so is the onboarding process. The way you welcome a new employee will set expectations for the rest of their experience, and good onboarding leads to better performance, job[...]

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From the Inside Out: Foster Employee Retention and Productivity

If you’re in a managerial position, your employees are your engine, your responsibility, and potentially a goldmine. The value of the employee cannot be overstated in a company. Yet all too often, the needs of employees[...]

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Communication with Employees: How Improvisation Can Help Improve Your Business

The main principle of improvisation is “yes, and…”. This means that you hear whatever your partner has offered, accept it, then add to it. It sounds simple but can be difficult to put into practice. Often we don’t[...]

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Employer Essentials: The Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook and You

Ask an employee if they’ve read the employee handbook and the most probable answer will be no. Usually, they would say the manual is filled with legal jargon, drawn-out paragraphs, and[...]

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