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Find the Perfect Candidate With Niche Job Sites

In your search for the right candidate for your job openings, are you making the most of the available job boards? While general job boards bring in the numbers, applicant quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Create a targeted recruitment strategy by including niche job boards as a destination for your job postings.

Making the most out of your pool of applicants.

While general job boards like Indeed and Careerbuilder boast high volume traffic, the best recruitment strategy is not necessarily one where you only cast a broad net. A huge influx of applicants from such sites can waste time and resources as you sift through unqualified candidates. More recruiters are utilizing niche job sites in addition to the large boards, and are finding success with this targeted recruitment strategy. 

Often sponsored by professional associations, niche job boards can connect you with specialized pools of talented candidates. Recruiters find that applicants on such sites are higher quality, since they are focused on a particular industry or skill set and are more likely to have relevant experience. Though small in comparison, niche job boards should not be overlooked.

 Niche job boards are the perfect place to find specialized talent.

Niche job recruitment sites match employers and candidates through specific industries, skillsets, professional associations, or regions. You can find a handful of niche sites in every profession. You might use a site like Creative Circle, which has media professionals all across the country. After College connects recent graduates with entry level openings. Or, if you are searching for an industry specialist, you might use one of many professional association career websites for your next job posting.

According to a recent recruiting trends report, 84% of recruiters are using healthcare industry sites and 64% use healthcare association sites, compared to 43% who are using general job boards. They also reported greatest satisfaction with the responses from industry and association sites.

Recruiters are also utilizing social data from industry association sites. For example, software engineers are active on sites like Stackoverflow, which not only has a job board but also is a place for sharing open-source code and solving coding problems. Recruiters are assessing the way professionals engage in the coding community to supplement traditional evaluation methods. After all, an engineer who codes for fun and helps their peers solve difficult problems is likely an industrious candidate. 

Similarly, many graphic designers share their work on sites like Behance. General job boards don't necessarily support the formats that highlight a graphic designer’s best work. On Behance, artists can showcase their projects and like and comment on the work of others. Not only is it a great place to find artistic talent, but social data could be used as an additional way to evaluate applicants.

 Go beyond postings. Use banner ads to maintain engagement with your talent pool.

Everything that your company does in the public sphere should reflect your brand, and job postings are no different. For ongoing engagement, make your company’s brand recognizable to potential candidates and ensure success for future recruitment. Make sure that your postings consistently reflect the culture of your company. This is an opportunity to sell your company’s unique value proposition to future employees, and to create brand awareness in professional networks.

If you have successfully hired from a site before, deploying banner ads on the job board is a great way to draw passive applicants and cultivate a pool of talent for the future. While passive applicants are not currently looking for work, they may be open to future opportunities at your company, especially if they are already familiar with your brand. With the right banner in the right place, you’ll attract top talent and promote your business.

Finding the right job board can be a challenge in and of its own right. With a database of over 20,000 job sites for finding talent, Sky Advertising can connect you with a variety of talent pools catered to your recruitment strategy. We can help maximize your company’s selling points with banner ads, to find the right candidate today and to ensure a strong talent pipeline to draw from in the future.

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