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How Digital Technologies are Transforming the Interview Process

For many upper-level and highly specialized positions, it’s common for job candidates to apply remotely—from another town, another state, or even another country. Prior to digital technologies, remote recruiting was[...]

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Achieve your diversity hiring goals

Why you need to diversify now

Diversity is good for business. Studies by Catalyst6 and Deloitte both show that that gender diversity leads to better financial performance. Another study from SmartRecruiters revealed[...]

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Don't Fake it Until You Make It: Authenticity and Recruitment

In today’s marketing landscapes, brands strive to seem authentic while also presenting their products in an appealing manner.  Authenticity has rapidly become a hot topic in marketing with the rise of social media.[...]

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Social Recruiting is here to stay

Social media and recruiting have one major thing in common: they’re all about connecting people. As social media continues to dominate the internet and marketing, companies are realizing that social recruiting is a[...]

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What does a low unemployment rate mean for recruitment?

It might seem that unemployment hovering between 4–5% as of October 2017 would be a cause for celebration. However, a low unemployment rate also comes with problems. For HR departments, a low unemployment rate means[...]

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Recruitment Strategy: Tap into Non-Traditional Candidates

As the US unemployment rate continues to drop, employers in various industries have been challenged by high turnover rates, especially for lower-level positions. In some cases, employers struggle to even fill[...]

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Social Media Recruitment Ads and Age Bias

How are social media ads for recruitment biased?

The ability to target consumers according to layered criteria is the core selling point of Facebook’s advertising platform. For instance, in niche fields like luxury[...]
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Recruitment Strategy: Attract passive job seekers with social media

Social media has transformed the recruiting process across the board. HR departments use social media platforms to target candidates with niche skill-sets, to sort by geographical region or demographic, and to[...]

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Recruitment Trends for 2018

As we come into the new year, recruitment strategy is more important than ever. A company’s brand is cultivated in the social field through a network of influencers, social media, promotional endeavors, and HR. A[...]

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