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Reach the Right Talent with Out of Home Ads

You can still find “We’re Hiring!” signs in the windows of businesses all across the country. Even in the digital age, recruiters still find their next hires out in the material world, because it works. Take a page out of the retail and restaurant recruitment playbook. Out of home advertising can be an affordable, accessible way to target specific demographics and raise employer brand awareness. 

OOH Best Way to Bring Talent Online

Even though OOH ads, typically billboards and other signage, are in the analogue world, they are a great way to connect the audience to your online platform. 41% of people who saw an OOH ad searched for the advertiser online. Website URLs, phone numbers and QR codes can funnel the viewer into your talent pool. 

OOH ads are the best way to bring people from offline to online. They generate a similar or greater amount of online activation than T.V., radio, or print, despite only accounting for 4.1% of offline ad spend (OAAA, Comscore). Consumers who viewed OOH ads within the past six months were prompted to use a search engine at a rate of 41%, visit a website (33%), and post on social media (21%). These ads also stand out in a time when people are fed up with ad digital media content. 78% of people are annoyed when ads interrupt viewing, reading, and listening to media, and 68% frequently skip online ads. With this in mind, an advertisement outside of the home can connect with viewers who are in a much more receptive place to pay attention to its content.

Target Your Talent by Location and Behavior

OOH ads are a great way to target specific demographics and communities. Consider the neighborhoods of a city — there are hospital centers where healthcare professionals congregate, and college hubs where students spend the majority of their time. Skilled labor can be hard to come by, but those professionals usually pass by specific locations related to their occupation and interest, such as competitor business locations. 

There is a wealth of information on where people travel and when, thanks to anonymized data from smartphones. This information is used in geofencing advertising, but can also be used to find the best locations for your OOH ad. Your ideal talent may pass through public transport hubs, stores that reflect their interests, and other places of interest.

OOH is also not just about targeting by location. Now, advertisers are making use of behavioral data to understand and reach their audience. Your ideal candidates may engage with similar recreational activities, eat at certain types of restaurants, or follow the same sports.

Affordable, Accessible

If you aren’t convinced to incorporate OOH ads for your recruitment campaign by now, consider that it is one of the most accessible and affordable offline advertising strategies. There is a lot of inventory, and it’s not just billboards — take advantage of street furniture like benches and bus stops, digital displays in transit centers and malls, transportation wraps, kiosks, and more. With an average CPM of $5 and the high online activation rate, the value speaks for itself.

Out of home advertising brings people into your talent pipeline, and simultaneously strengthens your employer brand. If you’re struggling to fill competitive positions or close the skill gap in your team, consider an attention-catching OOH strategy.

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