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Work smarter, not harder: Social media recruitment

The age of Social HR is upon us!

It’s undeniable—social media is everywhere. Social media is not only the main way people share photos, organize local events, stay in touch with family, or complete payments, but it has also become the preferred mode of networking for candidates of all experience levels. Social media profiles are developed with rich details relating to candidates’ skill sets, experience, and attitudes. Of course, every recruiter strives to find the perfect fit for a given position. The fact that people imbue their social media with so much relevant information makes it a fruitful site for recruitment. It’s unsurprising that recruiters, hiring managers, and other HR professionals are embracing social media as one of their main recruiting tools. Collectively, the whole process of HR engagement with social media constitutes the field of social HR.

What social media means for HR

We know that savvy HR departments are revolutionizing their recruiting process through the information and marketing avenues supplied by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and more. But how exactly does social media change the way that these departments approach recruiting? According to data gathered by the Society for Human Resource Management, HR companies use social media to streamline the hiring process, access passive candidates, and build their brand.

Social media is a useful tool for finding entry level and experienced talent alike, but it’s especially popular at the employee and lower-management levels. Out of all the companies surveyed, between 82% and 87% of employees at low and mid-level positions were recruited through social media. Companies reported that they turned to social media because of its efficiency. Social media is far quicker than traditional recruiting methods such as jobs boards and fairs. 

Companies surveyed by the SHRM cited additional reasons for using social media for recruiting. 82% of companies surveyed used social media to specifically access passive candidates, while  71% sought to target candidates with a niche skillset. 64% used social media to allow candidates to easily communicate with the recruiter and 61% sought to target a specific level of experience.

Social media also allows current employees of companies to act as extensions of their HR departments; these employees can refer to their past network and expand the talent pool, acting as brand ambassadors. HR departments continue to use social media for outreach and engagement. Social media is a great tool to build brand awareness; tweets, Instagram stories, regularly-updated Tumblr pages, and other digital storytelling platforms humanize organizations and give potential candidates a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work for a company.

Facilitating your social HR plan with Sky | CareerArc

Using social media for recruiting and outreach can be overwhelming at times—with so many strategic options, it can be tough to know where to start. Although companies may have a rough idea of who their target audience is, figuring out how to directly access that audience on different social media platforms can be a tall order. Sky | CareerArc serves as an intermediary platform that allows companies to market to the specific candidates they seek in a methodical manner via social media. If a company is looking to target potential candidates in a specific geographic region or a particular field,  Sky | CareerArc can help. If an organization wants to find active candidates, passive candidates, or candidates with a specific skillset then  Sky | CareerArc will be instrumental to their success. At Sky, we’re experts at setting up our clients with  Sky | CareerArc. Feel free to contact us for a demo of the platform.

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