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How to communicate power, trust and confidence with a logo

A logo says a thousand words about the brand it represents. Love, joy, excitement, arrogance, aggression and much more can be expressed whether you intend it or not. Failure to know why or how logos trigger various emotions can result in ending up with one that makes a strong brand seem weak or a playful brand seem aggressive. The key to making sure that your logo communicates the right things about your company is to understand the psychology behind its constituent parts. So that’s what we’re going to show you here. This article is going to explain the psychology behind a logo that conveys trust, power and confidence so you can use that knowledge to enhance your own marketing efforts. Enjoy!

The various elements of a logo

A logo is a mixture of shapes, fonts and colors, all of which come together to create a finished article which invokes a specific emotional response. Let’s look at each element, one by one.


The psychology of shapes

Horizontal lines. 
The human mind reads horizontal lines as promoting powerful yet understated masculine energies. Conversely, curved lines promote peace and femininity.


Squares and triangles

Squares and triangles convey strength and reliability. You’ll often find them in the legal industry, religious symbols, or in the logos of companies that want to be seen as dependable. In the example below, notice how the slight curve at the edges of the Facebook logo give it just a hint of softness. While wanting to appear professional, they also don’t want to be seen as taking themselves too seriously.

BBC-Logo.jpg                 fb-logo.png

The psychology of fonts

There are four main font categories; display, script, serif and sans serif. Display fonts are quite crazy looking and are generally used to grab attention. Script fonts look like elegant pieces of handwriting which convey love and sensuality. The two fonts you’ll likely use to convey trust, power and confidence and confidence are serif and sans serif.

Serifs have small spikes jutting out of their letters which make them feel, powerful, antiquated and serious.



Sans-serifs are those without the points jutting out of them. This gives them a more modern but slightly less powerful and serious mood to the traditional serif variety.


microsoft logo.jpgThe psychology of color

As it does with shapes and fonts, the brain interprets various colors in various ways. Yellow, is youthful, vibrant and happy, and orange is energetic, confident and bubbly. Here is a list of the colors you can use to help convey trust, power and confidence in your logo.

Blue is professional, reliable, dependable, and successful.

visa logo.png


Black conveys strength and sophistication.



The colour brown conveys masculinity in a natural sense.

jp morgan logo 2.jpg

White symbolizes purity and cleanliness.


And voila. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to creating a logo that positions your brand as being powerful, trustworthy and reliable. Take care and happy brand building!

About the Author
Ritu Ashrafi is the Director of Customer Advocacy at Logojoy, an online logo maker powered byartificial intelligence. Start designing a professional-quality logo for your business here.

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