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Marketing strategy: How to Reach Millennials

The influence of the millennial generation cannot be overstated. Here’s some numbers according to Dan Schawbel of Forbes: there are 80 million millennials in America. They represent a quarter of the US population.[...]

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Must-know Marketing Trends for 2018

There’s a lot of marketing trends to look forward to in 2018. There’s more tools available than ever. These new tools and trends help increase engagement, streamline marketing strategies, and provide better services[...]
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2018’s Social Media Trends: What you should know

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapid changes of social media technology and trends. Twitter now has 280 characters, Instagram growth is exploding, and Facebook is developing virtual reality Spaces. With[...]

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Nurture leads along the purchase funnel

With a variety of marketing channels to address your audience, it can be tricky to know what marketing strategies to implement when. While profit is often the ultimate goal, it’s important to consider how to market[...]

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Market Segmentation - Why it Works

You know that your customers are not all the same, and how you address their differences and commonalities is a crucial part of your business strategy. That’s where marketing segmentation comes in. 

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Is your Marketing Objective SMART?

A strong marketing objective is the key to any successful marketing campaign. Before you develop your marketing strategy, you have to establish a clear and coherent goal, whether increasing market share or improving[...]

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What is integrated marketing communications?

At its core, integrated marketing communications (IMC) is a simple but powerful concept. Recently, Forbes called it more important than ever. IMC is the strategy of maintaining a thematic message across different[...]

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How to communicate power, trust and confidence with a logo

A logo says a thousand words about the brand it represents. Love, joy, excitement, arrogance, aggression and much more can be expressed whether you intend it or not. Failure to know why or how logos trigger various[...]
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6 Fun Content Ideas to Grow Your Social Media Following

Social media marketing is not just about slapping up a static company page. You have to give it some life. The key word here is ‘social.’

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